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Kittycoin (KSOL) is a Fun
Solana Based Memecoin

Boasting super fast & cheap transactions, deflationary supply,
a soon-to-launch NFT platform, and an Exchange DEX.


What Makes Kittycoin Token Unique?

Deflationary Supply

50% of all platform fees collected from the upcoming Kittycoin Exchange and DEX will be used to buy and burn Kittycoin Tokens, which will reduce the circulating Kittycoin Supply each day.

Charity Voting

Charity Rewards – 10% of the Total Kittycoin SOL Token Supply will be donated to support user voted upon charities and goodwill causes.

Fast & Cheap Transactions

Kittycoin leverages the speed and scalability of the Solana Blockchain to bring users transactions costing less than 1 penny with 400 millisecond block times.

Kittycoin Earn App

Utilize the Kittycoin Earn Phone App to start earning Kittycoins daily by simply; watching videos, viewing ads and sharing posts on social media.


How to Get Started

Choose a Wallet

To get started with Kittycoin, the first thing you need to do is download a compatible crypto wallet application. Visit our Wallets page to see a listing of available wallet applications and to view the step by step tutorial.


Claim your Airdrop Coins

After you setup a wallet application, the next step is to acquire your first Kittycoin tokens. At the moment during the Kittycoin Launch Phase any new member that signs up via our website is elgible to receive 10,000 Free Kittycoin Tokens as part of the community airdrop. Act fast as this offer is time limited.


Spread the MEOW and Receive 5X+ more

Send the gift of Kittycoin to all your family and friends. The more Kittycoin you send the more Kittycoins you can receive. How it Works: For each new person you get to successfully claim their free Kittycoins, you will currently receive a bonus of 20,000 Kittycoins. Refer just 50 people and you could become a Kittycoin Millionaire!

Spread the MEOW

Download Kittycoin Earn App

Anyone can earn free Kittycoins using just their smartphone by simply downloading the Kittycoin Earn App and completing simple tasks. Tasks include things like upvoting posts on social media, watching videos and viewing ads.


Vote and Support Charities

One thing that makes Kittycoin different from other cryptocurrencies is the fact that 10% of the total coin supply is allocated to supporting user voted upon charities. Utilize the Kittycoin Voting DAPP to vote for causes you believe it. (Launching Soon)


Invest in Kittycoin SOL

The best way to acquire lots of Kittycoin SOL Tokens fast is to buy them. Visit the "Buy Kittycoins" page to easily Buy Kittycoin SOL Tokens using; your Coinbase.com account, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin, or directly via Credit Card.


Mission of Kittycoin

Mission of Kittycoin

01 Increase Cryptocurrency Adoption

It is no secret that kitties are one of the most popular things on the internet. We aim to encourage mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by onboarding millions of new users into the ecosystem through the usage of; Kittycoin SOL Token giveaways, viral cat videos and memes and the Built-in Kittycoin Affiliate Program. Kittycoin SOL leverages the scalability and super low fees of the Solana Blockchain to help ensure these users have a good user experience when making transactions.

02 Support Philanthrophic Causes

Kittycoin aims to support philantrophic causes through an innovative built-in charity voting application, in which users of Kittycoin get to vote to decide which specific organizations 10% of all newly created Kittycoins are donated to support. Whether it be to raise money for a nearby childrens orphanage, fund educational scholarships or support local animal rescues, Kittycoin is here to help. Help us make the world a better place "1 Kittycoin at a time".

Mission of Kittycoin Token

Join the Kittycoin SOL Community

We Need Your Skills Contribute!

Kittycoin is a decentralized community and exists only thanks to the group of amazing volunteers that are currently working day and night to support our project. Join us in helping make the world a better place “1 Kittycoin at a time”.


Claim your Free Airdrop

10% of the Kittycoin SOL supply is being airdropped initially to help onboard new users. Signup for a free kittycointoken.org account to claim your airdrop coins. The earlier you signup the more free coins you can claim, so it is recommended that you act right away. Kittycoin is the future , the only question is; Will you be part of it?

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